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Ezee Click is a huge resource for promoting your business and has powerful presence all over USA. It serves as an effective platform for people across all major USA cities for all their business promotion needs. Ezee Click also provides many value added services on the site like Business Directory, Free SMS, Hot Deals, allied advertising and internet marketing services etc. To summarize - Ezee Click has a smart interface with easy navigation, soothing design with innumerable resources across hundreds of categories you can use to promote your business.

Advertising with Ezee Click can be a rewarding experience for your business or organization. Ezee offers many advertising packages that suit every budget. Additionally the advertising schemes are customizable and can be designed to reach the target audiences effectively.

Advertising with Ezee has many advantages like targeted viewing, the advertiser on Ezee will have the right target audiences in the form of users/members and nonmembers who are using the site (which number in millions across USA). With a huge share in audiences, it will help any business to generate leads and enquiries from the advertising. The visitors from Ezee are all across USA with different age groups and the business will have a nation wide exposure and brand recall. The advertiser can increase traffic to their site with Ezee as more genuine leads means more business.

Here are the different packages to place your banner on our website. As an inaugural offer we are giving an additional 10% discount on these packages.

1. Top banner

City wide - (452 * 40)To see your banner placement Click Here

Site wide - (452 * 40)

2. Right side column Banner

City wide - (200 * 189)To see your banner placement Click Here

Site wide - (200 * 189)

3. Footer Banner

Home page - (728 * 90)To see your banner placement Click Here

City wide - (728 * 90)

4. Featured Listing

Home page - To see your banner placement Click Here

In case of any additional queries and customized special advertising needs please contact: we will get in touch with you shortly.

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