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How can I post ad/s in Ezee Classifieds ?

The ad posting is a simple process on Ezee Classifieds. Just click on the Post Your Ad button on top of every page and fill a easy form.

Will it cost me money to post an ad on Ezee Classifieds ?

No ! Ezee Classifieds is an absolutely free service and doesn’t charge its users any fees to post ads.

How can I include picture to my ad/s ?

To include pictures you can click on the Browse button which is next to the Upload Image button when you post ad/s and select the picture you want and it will be uploaded in few seconds.

Can I edit/modify/delete my ad posting ? What is "My Ads"?

Yes you can, when you post your ad on Ezee Classifieds, you will recieve an email which have appropriate links to edit/modify/delete your ad at any point of time. "My Ads" will be your dashboard where you can see your ad postings. You can also modify/ edit your ad posting even after it has gone live.

How will other users responding to my Ad make contact with me?

On Ezee Classifieds there are several contact alternatives you can opt from. Respondents can contact you directly through email, phone, fax, or by post. The email id of the user remains concealed and users will forward their response by means of a web form and those responses will be sent to your email.

How do I search for a particular product or service?

On Ezee Classifieds you can find a particular service/product by choosing the preferred category or sub-category in the search box provided on every page. The users can also choose the category of their choice from the homepage of Ezee Classified Ads . When users reach a category page, they can also select a sub-category of their interest to browse through ads in that subcategory. When users are on the ad detail page, to view more ads they can browse by clicking the prev/next buttons present below the ad or just click on 'more ads' link present at the bottom of that page.

How can I contact Ezee Classifieds regarding any other questions, problems, suggestions or enquiries that I may have?

You can contact Ezee Classifieds at support@ezeeclassifiedads.comand info@ezeeClassifiedads.com.


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